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Venture Crew Summer Camp at Swift Base Camp

June 6th, 2003

This year for for the first time Crew 57 attended the Swift Base Camp near St. Louis, MO. This is a high adventure summer camp for Venture Scouts.
This year three youth and one adult member of our Crew attended Swift Base Camp. Based on the pictures they brought back and what they has to say a great time was had by all.

The members of Crew 57 joined with members of other Venture Crew's to make up a team. Some of the activities that our Crew members participated in include:

  • Swimming

  • Rock Climbing

  • Horse back riding

  • Kayaking

  • Retro dance party

  • Hucks Cove - swimming park

  • Tubing

  • High Ropes

  • Bonfire

  • Low Ropes

  • Shooting range

  • Pizza party

  • The S-F Scout Ranch is 5200 acres of woods, trails, streams, Nims Lake, and fun. Our 270 acre Nims Lake serves as the focal point for water skiing, sailing, fishing, canoeing, swimming, water tubing, sun bathing, kayaking, and water sliding. Our herd of horses will allow
    you to saddle-up and explore the wilderness trails. If heights and challenges are your thing, we offer rock climbing, rappelling, and a high and low ropes course. Mountain bikes are available every day for rides that see no pavement. You may want to try your hand at firing a .22 rifle or bow and arrow. At Swift you choose what you want to do.

    Evening programs include campfires and dances, volleyball and crazy competitions. We are planning for an outdoor movie night, drive-in style. A game night or bonfire may be in the offing. If your crew wants to take an overnight canoe float down the lake, that can be arranged. Some crews like to hike to Castle Rock to check out the stars.

    Venture Crew Summer Camp at Swift Base Camp

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